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Criminal Lawyers With Over 50+ Years of Experience Between Our Partners

Have you been charged with a criminal offence in Etobicoke? Are you waiting to be arraigned in court for a bail hearing? If so, Bytensky Shikhman Criminal Law Firm can provide you with the legal services needed to fight your charges!

We are a well-established criminal law firm in Etobicoke, dedicated to providing criminal defence services to persons accused of assault, domestic violence, impaired driving, fraud, and other offences.

50+ Years Of Criminal Law Practice

Our criminal defence lawyers bring over 50 years of experience to their practice. This comprises years of fighting for the rights of and defending persons facing a wide array of criminal charges in all levels of Courts in Ontario.

By combining our lawyers’ experience, in-depth understanding of the workings of the criminal justice system, criminal law knowledge and our individualized approach to cases, we can handle even the most complex criminal and regulatory charges. Our team’s cohesive approach to cases ensures that we review every detail, conduct thorough investigations, and formulate strong strategies to get the charges dropped, reduced, avoid jail time or attain other favourable results.

Bytensky Shikhman Law firm has the legal skills, dedication, and an irrepressible desire to succeed on your behalf. With us as your legal counsel, you can rest assured that your case will receive the professional attention you deserve. Call our Etobicoke criminal defence lawyers today to schedule a consultation.

Why Hire A Lawyer In Your Etobicoke Criminal Case

Navigating the criminal justice system is overwhelming, especially without the know-how of the system or the law used to charge and prosecute you. Additionally, the government has unlimited resources, such as the experienced prosecutor in charge of your case. In other words, you can’t afford to go against the Ontario Court System without skilled legal representation and support.

Without a lawyer, a lot could go wrong from the moment you’re arrested. You could say something incriminating during your interview, have your bail denied or granted with overly strict conditions and end up facing the most severe consequences for the allegations against you. Having a criminal defence lawyer prevents you from making costly mistakes.

Retaining an experienced Etobicoke defence lawyer, such as those at Bytensky Shikhman, keeps you protected and provides the knowledge and skills for your defence. A trial attorney knows how to use the law to your advantage, evaluate all the evidence against you and use any inconsistencies to fight the charges.

Therefore, if you’re accused of a crime, do not hesitate to enlist the services of an Etobicoke criminal lawyer. Get in touch with our law firm today to learn about our services and to allow us to prove that we’re the right team for you!





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Cost-Effective And Efficient Legal Services

Getting charged with a criminal allegation is overwhelming, and legal fees shouldn’t add to that stress. You should be able to obtain the services of an accomplished criminal defence attorney without worrying about hourly growing legal fees. This is why we work on a block fee basis without hidden costs.

The block fee arrangement enables us to work with our clients to develop a fee payment plan that fits their budget. Doing so makes it possible for any Etobicoke resident to obtain the legal representation they deserve when facing criminal allegations.

Get cost-effective services without compromising your defence. Reach out to our Etobicoke attorneys today.

Contact Experienced Etobicoke Criminal Lawyers

If you are charged with a criminal offence, it’s essential to have an experienced criminal defence lawyer on your side. At Bytensky Shikhman, we provide a team of experienced legal professionals to review your charges and devise the strongest case for your defence. With us, your case is in the hands of skilled, committed and vigorous Etobicoke lawyers.

Call us today to speak to one of our attorneys about our services and learn how we can help with your case.

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